OKFax.com is a zero tolerance fax solutions provider. Our products are designed for businesses that want to replace their costly and inefficient fax machines with affordable virtual faxing. The OKFax.com product is not designed for mass marketing of Unsolicited Commercial Faxing (UCF) or fax blasting. This type of faxing is illegal under Federal Communications Commission guidelines and is not allowed through the OKFax.com network. OKFax.com customers will be cancelled immediately upon the first verifiable UCF violation lodged against your company. OKFax.com will be solely responsible for verification of complaint. OKFax.com may also be required under federal law to provide the name and address of the violating customer when presented with a federal, state or local subpoena. Under federal law, each violator of the UCF laws are subject to a fine of $500 or more per faxed page.

If you believe that a customer of OKFax.com has sent you an UCF, please contact our offices immediately. You must be prepared to send a copy of the offending fax to our company. Upon receipt of the offending fax, our company will begin researching the complaint. If a violation has occurred, we will terminate the customer immediately. If you chose to proceed with legal action against the customer, you will be required to present OKFax.com with a valid subpoena prior to us being able to release detailed customer account records to you. OKFax.com will comply with any and all law enforcement agencies to assist in prosecution. Research fees may be levied for any additional documentation required or requested under the subpoena. Please contact our office for a current schedule of our research fees.

»»» Please note that federal UCF violations specifically address recipients of advertisements from companies or individuals in which you DO NOT have a previous business relationship with. If you have NOT expressly consented or permitted the company or individual to send faxes to you, then federal UCF violations have occurred.