Virtual Fax Savings Overview:

Your exact savings depends on many variables, which are almost impossible to calculate. In the following example you will be shown results from a national study performed by Davidson Consulting that provides a very accurate assessment to the "TRUE" cost of manual faxing. The study takes into consideration costs of phone lines, fax hardware, toner, paper, and more importantly lost productivity when an employee must leave their workstation to either wait for or to send a fax. As with anything, your results will vary however the example contained herein will provide an accurate approximation.


  • » An average incoming fax is approximately 3 pages in length.
  • » Only 10% of all incoming faxes need to be printed.
  • » An average incoming fax consumes approx 4 minutes of productivity walking and waiting for the fax.
  • » An average incoming fax consumes approx 2 minutes of productivity sorting and filing of a fax.
  • » An average fax takes 3 minutes to locate if it was received more than 48 hours prior.
  • » An average fax consumes 13.5 Cents per page in consumables including toner or ink and paper.
  • » An average fax recipient is paid $18.00 per hour, including all benefits.


The average cost of labor and consumables to receive an incoming fax is $3.10 per delivery. If your company receives 500 faxes per month, the "TRUE" cost of manual faxing is $1550 per month. This study does not take into consideration the amount of money saved when comparing outbound faxing, however the costs would likely be just as high if not more, since you would need to print the pages first and prepare a coverletter then dial the outbound number and wait for it to send.


As you can see the solution is a far better value with a dedicated fax number and unlimited local incoming and outgoing faxes starting at only $19.95 per month. If you plan to use your fax for long distance, you will be happy to learn we have affordable rates to any of the contiguous United States for only 7.5 Cents per minute. International long distance rates will fluctuate, however most developed countries are less than 75 Cents per minute.


Your employees will be more efficient and productive with the solution. All inbound faxes are delivered directly to each employee because each employee has a dedicated fax number. No more waiting by the fax for an important contract to arrive, no sorting through stacks of paperwork to locate the fax you are looking for. Archiving and storage of old fax messages is simple because the faxes appear as PDF attachments in your email inbox. Outbound faxing is as simple as sending an email or printing a document. Each employee faxes directly from their workstation from within their favorite applications. For confirmation of a successful fax, the sender receives notification by email for every sent fax.